December 02, 2008

weblin presenting at LeWeb in Paris

One week to go: LeWeb ante portas.

The(!) European Web 2.0 Conference "LeWeb" organised by french Blogger and Tech Evangelist Loic Le Meur is taking place in Paris from 9. to 10. December. The who is who of entrepreneurs, startups, CEOs and Bloggers will be there. 1500 paticipants are expected, and weblin ist one of the lucky exhibitors. As one of the 12 companies presenting at Microsoft booth, weblin is preparing for the big Web 2.0 event in December. Take a look at the display board and see, who is with us at Microsoft´s booth.

As long as no other event is planned for 2008, it will be the last event for weblin in 2008, which was a great year. Weblin reached the magic 1 million users benchmark and developed some cool features and localized to 10 languages. At the end of the year we expect to have close to 2 million users worldwide. For the first time, a startup built up a weblin copy cat. We appreciate that and welcome the new player RoketOn on the still niche market of layered virtual worlds as a part of the big virtual worlds landscape.

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