September 16, 2011

2000 Weblins

This was the first week after relaunch. Several hundred weblins have been created without ads and media announcements, just by word of mouth. Even more reactivated their old accounts.

In the (European) evening there are more than 300 weblins concurrently online. At night, the number drops to about 150. We just crossed the mark of 2000 active users. This means, that 2000 different user accounts have been online in he first week.

The image shows the number of connections at the XMPP server. Each connection represents a running weblin client:

This is incredible, great, unbelievable. Thank you all.

September 10, 2011

More than 200 Weblins Online

On it's first day after relaunch weblin got more than 200 concurrent users online.

September 09, 2011

Weblin is Back

The weblin homepage is online. The Download works. Users can now log in and create new weblins. They can wousle (the weblin way poking), send gifts, select avatars from the gallery, upload avatars, use effects on web pages and much more.

September 02, 2011 is Transferring to Weblin

During the last 2 years a dedicated, but anonymous Weblin user kept Weblin running. There was a download at the domain Several thousand users downloaded and used Weblin from there.

Weblin will soon be relaunched on The intermediate solution is not necessary anymore. But if is just closed, then Weblins registered with would cease to run.

We cooperate with the operator of to migrate users before closes. If everything works well, then you should not notice the transition.

Thanks you to the operator of for the 2 years and for the offer to transfer the domain.