October 08, 2012

Weblin Trademark and Logo

The trademark "Weblin" and the Weblin Logo (right) are registered and protected. Name and logo must not be used without explicit permission. 

In general we like any decent activity in the Weblin space. We are supporting people who create tools, clients, communities, and additional services. Especially mobile is an interesting area.

Unfortunately, there are always black sheep, who misuse the Weblin trademark. We had to deal with strange things, which were completely unrelated to Weblin. We must be able to prohibit the use of the Weblin trademark by these people to protect our users. Most users can not differentiate easily between service offers. They see a Weblin logo and assume, that it is a Weblin service or at least endorsed by Weblin. We want to prevent normal people from being mislead.

We have to protect the trade mark. Therefore, name and logo must not be used without permission. Unfortunately, the trademark law requires, that a trademark is actively "defended". Therefore we require, that everyone obtains a permission. We can not let some people use it without permission and require permission from others. That would allow black sheep to argue, that the trademark is not actively used and that may invalidate it over time.

By the way: there are people, who payed for the trademark with their own hard earned money. It is at least not fair to use the brand name without asking.

So, if someone wants to use Weblin name or logo, then he/she should contact the trademark manager and discuss a license.


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