June 28, 2012

Weblin Fun

It is no fun to ban weblins form the toplist. It is no fun to check log files for unfair behavior. It is no fun to reply to complaints. It is no fun to ban accounts because of illegal images. It is no fun to program several hours to fight unfair behavior.

We keep Weblin running in our spare time. Sometimes a server is down. Then someone spends several hours to fix it. Sometimes web browsers change and someone must program to make Firefox and IE and Chrome work with Weblin. Sometimes there are attacks on servers from unknown parties and someone has to fight it. Apart from the fact that running the servers for Weblin costs 150 € each month of our private money.

From your point of view, Weblin is just there. You just start it and the weblin appears on the page. But this is not a given. It is much work. Someone watches and gets up at 2 am to fix it, if necessary.

It would be nice, if you would not add to this work by doing unfair things and uploading indecent images.