January 16, 2009

weblin begins 2009 with two million users

2.000.000 users, what a finish in 2008. The year 2009 begins with very good news for weblin and we have a lot of plans bringing weblin to the next stage in 2009. For the moment we are very happy to finally managed all the more than 50 servers to work well and stable with this huge user base. The buddy list is up and running again, for a few weeks now. There will be a website design relaunch shortly and a funny new way to send gifts and trow some graphical bombs on websites will be available soon. There will come a lot of other features and fun stuff, this year.
So, stay with us and enjoy the weblin way 2009. Free speech on websites!

January 09, 2009

Scalability Strategies Primer: Database Sharding

Database partitioning is definitely a hot topic for weblin. Weblin does primarily vertical dataset partitioning where each feature gets its own database.

If that does not help anymore then we will probably add horizontal partitioning on top of vertical partitioning.

So, features have their databases with a primary-secondary setup. If a DB is overloaded by a feature then the cluster is split into multiple clusters which serve disjunct sets of item IDs.