December 19, 2008

Finally! weblin frees Avatars from Second Life

One unique avatar, stepping from one virtual world to another. This was the idea and weblin made it come true. The new weblin Gate portal allows avatars to roam from the virtual world of Second Life(R) to the Web, which is the biggest virtual world. Isn´t it?
Yesterday, at 8:00 am Boston time we sent out the press release and just few hours later, there was a bunch of people waiting in the weblin house in SL, to be teleported to the web. How cool is that?

If you are a SL user try it.
Fast Facts about weblin Gate (according to "stargate", not watergate of course):
-- The Weblin house in Second Life is located in New Berlin, close to the tower at Alexanderplatz: New Berlin 221, 73, 32 (PG).
-- The Second Life avatar is capable of performing all the actions of a weblin avatar, such as walking left and right, dancing, laughing or waving.
-- The 3D data is then exported as a library of animated GIFs and once the conversion is finished, the user receives a link and is directed to a personalized weblin login landing page, built with a token. With the token, the generated library can be mapped to one's weblin account.
-- Interoperability between virtual worlds is something Linden Lab actively supports. This is a positive and encouraging development for Second Life users to add more dimension to our user experience.

There are already a lot of blog posts covering weblin Gate. One of the posts I liked best for now ist: Common|Sensible.
Have fun!

December 12, 2008

weblin works with Chrome 1.0

Googles Browser Chrome, which surprisingly changed to version 1.0 today, is working for weblin as well as Windows IE and Firefox.

Back from LeWeb 08

It was a fancy venue, where Loic Le Meur planned LeWeb 08. But cold. So cold. The first day we thought to freeze to death.

weblin had a little booth sponsored by Microsoft BizSpark. Thanks for the big spender, we had an exciting time and more than 80 leads to talk to. In the end I could not count anymore how many cameras we saw and interviews we gave. Twice we were asked to do an elevator pitch in less than one minute.
Unfortunately I didn´t saw any speaker or panel on Tuesday. But it was worth it, because we had so many talks with press and agencies, with major companies and interesting Bloggers, with VCs and Trendscouts.

On Tuesday we went to the MySpace party later on, which was a nice place also. A lot of happy people drinking and dancing, some celebrating as if the financial crisis never happened.

On Wednesday, the only speaker I saw, was Morton Lund. I could not believe, what he was saying, that he lost all his money by investing in a free print magazine in Denmark. Morten is a weird guy, but I admire his courage to tell this story, again and again and always adding that he will come back. Falling down is not a shame.

Despite the catering was curtly calculated, and Loic seemed to save the heating for not contributing to the climate change, LeWeb was great event for us.

New Christmas Avatars

The New weblin Christmas Avatars are online now! Check the galleries and choose your new avatar. Walk around as an angel, a rendier or Santa Clause.

December 03, 2008

Joey Seilers new Blog: Virtual Goods News

Joey Seiler, the author of Virtual Worlds News recently started a new Blog: Virtual Goods News. Just to keep you updated.
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December 02, 2008

weblin presenting at LeWeb in Paris

One week to go: LeWeb ante portas.

The(!) European Web 2.0 Conference "LeWeb" organised by french Blogger and Tech Evangelist Loic Le Meur is taking place in Paris from 9. to 10. December. The who is who of entrepreneurs, startups, CEOs and Bloggers will be there. 1500 paticipants are expected, and weblin ist one of the lucky exhibitors. As one of the 12 companies presenting at Microsoft booth, weblin is preparing for the big Web 2.0 event in December. Take a look at the display board and see, who is with us at Microsoft´s booth.

As long as no other event is planned for 2008, it will be the last event for weblin in 2008, which was a great year. Weblin reached the magic 1 million users benchmark and developed some cool features and localized to 10 languages. At the end of the year we expect to have close to 2 million users worldwide. For the first time, a startup built up a weblin copy cat. We appreciate that and welcome the new player RoketOn on the still niche market of layered virtual worlds as a part of the big virtual worlds landscape.

December 01, 2008

First weblin User Meetup in Japan

weblin is active all over the world, as you know. There are downloads from more than 150 countries per week. The asian market is already a-keen-on-virtual-worlds-and-games market, and weblin is the casual and easy layered virtual world ruling regions, step by step. In April 2008 weblin met one of its most active users, Hiro at virtual worlds conference in New York. What happened next is the beginning of a successful partnership. Hiro and Tats visited us in Hamburg in Summer and a few days later work and fun began. Thanks to meltingdots, weblin has a growing and exciting user group in Japan.

Hiroshi Asaeda, CEO of Meltingdots Inc., Tokyo, Japan wrote us an email and sent over the picture above, the weblin fan crowd in Tokyo: "Here is a photo of the first weblin user meetup ever in Japan. Some active weblin users in Mixi decided to come over to our Office." Hiro is the one in the middle line, sitting on the left.