February 27, 2008

Avatars and freedom of speech at the CeBIT

CeBIT visitors can meet avatars at stand A26 in hall 4. Under the roof of Microsoft, more precisely as one of the companies promoted by the start-up initiative “unternimm was” launched by Microsoft Germany, weblin has the chance to show just where things are going. That is quite ambitious, but weblin has a lot to offer. Making the Internet alive, reclaiming the information highways for the people, that is exactly what we have set out to do. Freedom of speech for everyone, on every website, with no boundaries. “Reclaim the Web” is the objective. Weblin makes the largest virtual world of all, the Internet, come alive. Every person counts. And that is what we want to show the CeBIT visitors. With avatars who can speak freely wherever they may be.

But that is not all. Weblin will be showing selected journalists the prototype of “weblin lite”. weblin lite dispenses with downloading and is not dependent on the operating system. It can therefore also be used with Apple Mac and Linux. weblin lite does not yet have all the features of the Windows client but the core function “reclaim the web” can be experienced by everyone.
The weblin lite version is expected to be accessible to all Internet users by the end of March or beginning of April. Freedom of speech, with no boundaries.

February 21, 2008

weblin on the way to LeadAward

weblin is on the way to earn further awards in 2008. weblin is currently nominated for the LeadAwards in the category Online - Web Community of the year. The awards show will take place on March, the 5th, in Deichtorhallen, Hamburg.

February 15, 2008

Kissable weblins with Kiss before Midnight

Kiss before Midnight and weblin are celebrating Valentine’s Day together. The flirt simulation “Kiss before Midnight” and weblin have teamed up and are cooperating as of February 14. How appropriate :-)

Those who are fascinated by the amorous adventures in the PC game from dtp now have the chance of looking for partners on the Internet themselves: For example, all visitors to the game’s web site can see each other in the browser window and chat - or flirt - with one another.

In dtp‘s romance simulation “Kiss before Midnight“, one steers individual characters through amorous adventures in Paris, the city of love. In ingeniously interwoven episodes, it is all about passionate love, jealousy, intrigues and broken friendships. It quickly becomes clear what will lead to a kiss and what will lead to a rejection. The game’s fans can now apply their skills together with kindred spirits outside the game. Just a few clicks and you can create a virtual likeness on the official homepage of “Kiss before Midnight” and, as weblin avatar, get into a conversation with other users on any web site.

February 14, 2008

Twelve Valentine’s Day presents

Shortly after midday it has become clear that this will be weblin’s ultimate record day as far as sending presents is concerned. More than twice the normal number of presents has already been sent from weblin to weblin.

Under the heading “Valentine“, you will find twelve new gifts. Another 66 gifts are available every day and there are always new ones on special occasions. So, if you have not already sent a gift today, pluck up some courage and send one. It does not necessarily have to be to the person dearest to you. Simply send gifts to the weblins you meet when visiting the Internet today. Your reward will be a grateful smile and perhaps a gift sent in return.

February 04, 2008

Great article about Behavioral Targeting

Thanks Andy Chan for this brilliant article about "The Emotional Side of Behavioral Targeting" and mentioning weblin like this:

Old-timer powerhouses such as Amazon and eBay (with recommendation functions) are certainly steadily raising the bar, but it's newbies such as Like (a visual search-based shopping engine) and weblin (software that enables people on the same Web page to see and communicate with each other) that are taking the power of social proof to the next level to bridge the gap between real-life and virtual behavior.