February 15, 2008

Kissable weblins with Kiss before Midnight

Kiss before Midnight and weblin are celebrating Valentine’s Day together. The flirt simulation “Kiss before Midnight” and weblin have teamed up and are cooperating as of February 14. How appropriate :-)

Those who are fascinated by the amorous adventures in the PC game from dtp now have the chance of looking for partners on the Internet themselves: For example, all visitors to the game’s web site can see each other in the browser window and chat - or flirt - with one another.

In dtp‘s romance simulation “Kiss before Midnight“, one steers individual characters through amorous adventures in Paris, the city of love. In ingeniously interwoven episodes, it is all about passionate love, jealousy, intrigues and broken friendships. It quickly becomes clear what will lead to a kiss and what will lead to a rejection. The game’s fans can now apply their skills together with kindred spirits outside the game. Just a few clicks and you can create a virtual likeness on the official homepage of “Kiss before Midnight” and, as weblin avatar, get into a conversation with other users on any web site.

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