December 12, 2008

Back from LeWeb 08

It was a fancy venue, where Loic Le Meur planned LeWeb 08. But cold. So cold. The first day we thought to freeze to death.

weblin had a little booth sponsored by Microsoft BizSpark. Thanks for the big spender, we had an exciting time and more than 80 leads to talk to. In the end I could not count anymore how many cameras we saw and interviews we gave. Twice we were asked to do an elevator pitch in less than one minute.
Unfortunately I didn´t saw any speaker or panel on Tuesday. But it was worth it, because we had so many talks with press and agencies, with major companies and interesting Bloggers, with VCs and Trendscouts.

On Tuesday we went to the MySpace party later on, which was a nice place also. A lot of happy people drinking and dancing, some celebrating as if the financial crisis never happened.

On Wednesday, the only speaker I saw, was Morton Lund. I could not believe, what he was saying, that he lost all his money by investing in a free print magazine in Denmark. Morten is a weird guy, but I admire his courage to tell this story, again and again and always adding that he will come back. Falling down is not a shame.

Despite the catering was curtly calculated, and Loic seemed to save the heating for not contributing to the climate change, LeWeb was great event for us.

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