October 05, 2011

Your Questions About New Features

In short: new developments, new features, new avatars are currently not planned. We can not promise anything.

We run weblin without commercial support. Installation of the new Web site and necessary updates to client and server took about 4 weeks of work. Currently the system runs stable. But every day we have to check backups, respond to user questions, check uploaded images, investigate complaints, and occasionally ban offending users.

In other words: we are already busy in our spare time.

We have to wait until there are more Weblins. We are now at 2.500 active accounts. There are up to 350 Weblins online concurrently. It is slowly growing. Today were more Weblins online than ever since relaunch. Please be patient, invite your friends, talk, twitter, blog about Weblin, find more users.

Then we will find ways to build new features in addition to the operating effort. Until then we will continue to re-activate weblin features and hope for your help.

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