October 08, 2011

Request for Participation: Weblin Code Wiki

I just found the contents of the Weblin Code Wiki. It has technical documentation of Weblin.

The most important part is probably the Weblin Sitekit framework. Weblin Sitekit lets Web pages communicate with the Weblin client. You can create great applications with this framework. There where examples of an interactive adventure, a dance floor, where avatars would dance automatically. You can create an avatar theater where avatars play a script. And there more features hidden in the Wiki.

Weblin Sitekit is a tool for Web page and JavaScript programmers. But if someone makes an app with weblin Sitekit, then all weblins can participate.

We are now looking for volunteers who install and operate the Wiki. I can make the data available:
  • mysql database backup (MySQL dump 10.11 of mysqld 5.0.32): "code_wiki.sql.gz" (108 kb)
  • PHP-files of the Mediawiki: "mediawiki.tgz" (14 MB)
If someone has server space and some time to setup the Wiki, we would be happy. Please write to wolf@weblin.com

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