March 19, 2008

Happy weblin Birthday

Weblin is one year old today. On March 19, 2007, zweitgeist decided that enough testing had taken place, the product was ripe and the time had come to get rid of the “BETA” version, a name with which so many a web 2.0 software is tagged for a lifetime. The name weblin was introduced exactly one year ago today and weblins have been populating an unlimited number of websites since then. Of the just 30 animated avatars in the Beta version which were licensed from Rocketbox at the time there are now around 150, ranging from all kinds of creatures, animals, comic figures, branded corporate avatars and fantasy figures. And a construction kit has been available since December. Users can create their own animated figures using the modular principle. So there are now several hundred avatar versions available.

A lot has happened since 19.3.2007 and many new functions have been added. At the beginning there was the buddy list. And then it soon became possible to send websites and bookmarks. New functions include virtual gifts, minigames, quizbots and treasure chests which one can find and plunder on websites. Weblin arranges virtual events and, in the gift sets, one can find special gifts for special occasions, for example Halloween, Christmas or Valentine’s Day, or “Horton hears a who” gifts provided by our advertising client 20thCentury Fox. These special gifts are always only available for a short period.
Today, weblin’s first birthday, weblin users are being given a special gift by weblin: all gifts that have ever been available are available again online today. So make the most of it, you can make as many presents as you can because, in the meantime, you can also exchange gifts and collect whole sets. I have heard that there are some very sought-after items out there which can no longer be sent as gifts in the customary way.
Happy Birthday!

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