September 09, 2008

weblin hits one million unique users now

This is one of the most important milestones in a start-up's life: the first million users. weblin got it, the time has come!
Since we announced this target for the end of the year, we are more than happy to score ahead of schedule, in September.
It was an exciting summer and weblin is even outrunning now. Of course, a big part of our work, especially in terms of features, is maintenance, to keep up all the servers up and running. And we prepare now to manage the next millions of users as well as the first one.


João Francisco (Jean) said...

Nothing to say about exciting summer: saved for a miracle after 3 bypass, just found the forces had the company of my weblin only, fights with bad weblin, but also marvelous meetings with old and new persons, whom I love very much.
I don't say their names for privacy, but they know whom intend and love.
Not all if fine, but what is fine, is fine, friend!
Hombre in weblin

Anonymous said...

Nothing to say about the exciting summer: saved for miracle by 3 bypass to hear, just in forces I had for only company for months my weblin.
Some bad fights, we must not forget, but especially marvelous meetings with old and new friends, whom I not call by name for privacy, but they know that I have in my wounded heart.
Welcome to next million, if they will be nice only the half.