August 09, 2008

More rooms for more weblins

There are weblins on many sites. The TopCloud shows only a small part. Weblins are distributed all over the web, but they also cluster on the big sites like YouTube, Friendster, Orkut, Facebook, hi5, Yahoo, Google, Hotmail and more. Sometimes you meet dozens on these sites and it is constantly growing.

There has been a special configuration for Google. If people just want to do a quick search and leave for their destination, then they just pass through and disturb the ongoing chats. Some time ago Google sites have been configured so, that weblins do not enter the Google rooms automatically. Instead, weblin shows a button, which people may press to enter the room intentionally.

But there are more and more web sites with heavy weblin usage.

These sites will increasingly be configured to put avatars into random rooms. International sites will get rooms for frequently used client languages. Later, there will be multiple rooms per language. Most sites also get a number of random rooms for all other languages.

Find technical details about the configuration here.

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